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Ptačí Hrádek

A two-hour trip to the Ptačí Hrádek will offer you a beautiful ride through Český Krumlov to the monument to Karel Filip of Schwarzenberg.

Longitude: 6,40 km
Download: GPX

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Route to download

Places on the route

Church of St. Vitus is a Gothic three-nave building dating from the period 1407 - 1439. The height of the side naves reaches the height of ...

656m from rental CKbike

The picturesque chateau and castle, together with the city center, are among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is one of the most ...

926m from rental CKbike

A listed Classicist building, which was built in 1816 in honor of the Czech nobleman and field marshal Karel Filip of Schwarzenberg, who ...

1,3km from rental CKbike

The revolving auditorium in Česká Krumlov is located in the Upper Garden near the Bellarie summer house. The first auditorium was built in ...

787m from rental CKbike

The Baroque chateau garden was established in the 17th century. Its area is less than 11 ha and is divided into several parts. The lowest ...

803m from rental CKbike

The historic center of Český Krumlov was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992. The extensive castle and chateau complex, ...

683m from rental CKbike